alive (barely)

just out of the hospital.
serious pnemonia.

sorry i haven't been writing--not sure many are reading this anymore.
i might have to drop some of my classes.

no sex for me.
just trying to breathe.



sick as a dog

I've been sick way too long. Haven't been getting out of bed. Stuck in a house of frat assholes--and missing classes at the same time. I did get a suprise blowjob from a rejected pledge. He showed up one night after not seeing me in class for weeks. He pulled back the sheets and sucked me off. I wish I had felt better so I could have taken care of him too.

I give thanks to anyone who is still reading the blog. So sorry I can't write more. I'm going to the doctor again tomorrow. It feels like I have mono. =(



remember cam's site?
this thing of darkness
try visiting it now!

then leave me your comments.


love and leave them



I was at a bar this weekend and met a really cool guy who has tried to do modeling, but hasn't been too successful because he's only about 5'9". He had gorgeous green eyes and black hair and this innocent smile. I told him that I had connections to "online modeling" and he seemed very interested. I was referring to the couple of times that I've connected guys with porn sites that feature "straight guys" having gay sex. I've recruited some guys (as I've mentioned on my blog before) because someone once begged me to do a jerk-off video on a site.

I'm not into exhibitionism and I don't think it will help my science career to be wacking off in cyberspace, but I have no problem making a few bucks for helping other guys get on these sites. All I do is tell them a bit about the sites and pass their contact info along. You wouldn't believe how many guys will thank me after they make some $$$ doing porn. I've never taken my clothes off for money--but if someone else wants to then I don't have any problem with it.

I've hooked up with some of the guys on the most popular "straight guy" fetish sites and it's crazy how hot they are. They really love guys giving them attention and it isn't always about the money. Some of the guys on these sites are bisexual and some are straight. I've mostly seen guys who are bi-curious and then get roped in. $$$ can make anyone do things. A blog is one thing for me--but I'm not into having my face and dick and ass plastered on thousands of computer screens across the world.



ever tried it?
i did last night.
maybe some call it c*m swapping.

OC and I have been talking--he's a little frustrated that I spend so much time with school and everything. He is trying to plan a vacation that coincides with my spring break. We were thinking of heading down to Mexico. We have incredible physical chemistry and emotional too. For some reason things are just getting a bit crowded in my life. school--the frat--the relationship--the stress.

sex is definitely my best way of releasing tension. last night OC had my dick to the base and i just couldn't control myself. He took all of me in his mouth and when I came, he stood up and we just kissed----and kissed---and kissed. Exchanging my cum back and forth, we just stayed on his bed for an hour embracing and making out.

anyone have tips on how to balance relationships? i need some time management help ASAP or I could ruin a great thing. brad.



i guess i have some brains. i was nominated for a prestigious science award at my school for my paper on genetics.. it was sponosored by one of my favorite professors, who helped me tremendously in cleaning up my sloppy writing skills.

OC (my boy) and I have been spending time together still. we like to have sex. all day, everyday. we've already broken-in every inch of his place and even my bed at the frat. it's amazing that i haven't gotten more shit for a having a surfer boy in my room alone at school, but i think everyone is just trying to get their own shit together.

anybody miss me? i miss you guys. brad


morning wood

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